About YMO2017

You fancy a career in Fund Management?  Convinced that you are destined for Wall Street? Or just sick of the mediocre rat race? The Youth Money Olympiad (YMO) offers you a chance to challenge the best in a level playing field. Your college does not matter here. Your school marks do not matter here. What matters is how clued on you are when it comes to personal finance.  The YMO is the world’s first and largest personal finance Olympiad aimed at college students. When it comes to personal finance, we are like the IPL. You could be in a remote corner in India, yet if you have the talent, you will have the platform. Worried that your CV looks exactly similar to 1000 others’. Win the YMO at the college level or the national level and see your fortunes change. Even if you are not all that competitive, just take the YMO to know where you stand with respect to personal finance knowledge. After all, personal finance is a life skill that is neither taught in our colleges nor our schools.

Participating in the YMO comes with a host of benefits. First of all, if you figure in the top 5% of your batch, you get the college level winner certificate with an attractive prize. This is good enough to differentiate you from the pack. Score more than 75% and you get an Employability Certificate. This one opens doors if you are keen on finance related jobs. Win the national level finals and you get to mix with the movers and shakers of the finance industry. Even if you don’t win any of this, there are other benefits such as the e-book RightCV, which teaches you to avoid common CV and interview errors and ace that dream job interview. You will also get the e-book iMentor, where veterans across industries share with you tips to identify and get in to exciting jobs (that you are not even aware of) and have terrific careers. You see, participating in the YMO is a no brainer. So, what are you waiting for?